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What's different about us? We provide you with a more personalized lead service. Insurance leads that are fresh, qualified, and tailored specifically for your needs. Leads that are verified for accuracy and are gathered from people who are waiting for you to call them.

  • We only sell the leads a maximum of 3 times (on available zip codes)
  • We Guarantee 100% contact with our leads or we give you credit
  • Unsolicited real time leads.
  • No contracts
  • No commitments
  • Carrier Exclusivity.

Our mission is to build a long-lasting relationship with you, and to help you grow your business.

Thank you for looking into our program. We work hard to provide you with unsolicited real time leads. Best Insurance Quotes4u.com specializes in making you money with leads that are not over sold. “You get what you pay for” isn’t just a common saying, it’s a rule! Over sold leads come with a price yes, they’re inexpensive at the time you buy them but the quality of those leads are not good therefore your profits are low.

What if I told you BestInsuranceQuotes4u.com would guarantee 100% contact with every one of our leads? If contact is not made, it’s a creditable lead, No time and energy wasted trying to get credit back for bogus leads. The difference between leads from BestInsurancequotes4u.com and leads from other companies is simple. We do not over sell them! Each lead will be sold a maximum of 3 times as opposed to the industry norm 8-12 times.

It is all about the ROI when buying insurance leads. Cash flow issues aside from the price of the lead is irrelevant. What you need to be able to quantify is your ROI. Some internet insurance leads may cost $5 each yet your average closing ratio for those leads is only 4%. Other Internet leads may cost you $25 each yet you close 25%. Which is the best insurance lead for you to buy? Let’s break down the two different example lead sources and calculate the ROI to find out:

  Insurance Lead Source #1 Best Insurance Quotes4u
# of Leads Purchased: 100 100
Lead Cost (each): $5 $23
Lead Cost Total: $500 $2,300
Closing Ratio: 4% 25%
Average Commission Per Sale: $500 $500
Total Commission: $2,000 $12,500
Total Profit: $1,500 $10,200
ROI: 300.00% 443.48%
As you can see from the above example the insurance lead provider with the highest ROI is Bestinsurancequotes4u.com. One additional thing to note is that the above chart does not take into account the time spent working the leads. It is quite possible that after taking into account all of the time you would have spent following up with leads from lead source #1 that were not going to buy then the ROI for lead source #1 would decrease significantly, Best Quotes ROI even more attractive in comparison.
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